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Antiviral Cleaning/Sanitation/Disinfectant  Services 

As an Essential Business and a Cleaning Service Provider, we are first in line to help limit the spread of COVID - 19. It is our duties to assist in the cleaning, sanitation and disinfectant needs in our communities. In an effort to do so, In the current scheme of things, normal cleaning is not enough to serve the purpose to the fullest. One also has to care for Antiviral Cleaning in this time of this Corona virus pandemic. We atDiversified Cleaning Services, LLC provide all kinds of specialized cleaning, sanitation & disinfectant services at pretty affordable prices. You can always give us a call or reach us via e-mail. If there are still any doubts hovering in your head, then you can always check out our reviews and customer feedbacks which are posted by the satisfied customers tab. 

                                                                           CLEANING vs SANITATION vs DISINFECTING

Know The Difference!!

***Cleaning - DOES NOT kill germs 

***Sanitation - Lowers the risk of spreading infections by cleaning or disinfecting surfaces or an object

***Disinfecting - The utilization of chemicals to kill germs 

Here's How We Keep It Safe & Follow PPE Guidelines...

  • Facemask

  • Goggles

  • Gloves

  • Hooded isolation suits with shoe covers

  • Perform hand hygiene using soap & water or hand sanitizer

Cleaning & Disinfecting of Our Equipment After Every Use....

  • Cleaning/Disinfecting of tools, accessories, bottles, containers & vacuum  

  • Disposal of used mop pads and microfiber clothes 

  • Utilize disposable toilet cleaning solutions 

Antiviral Cleaning

Remember....... Health is Wealth! 

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