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#1 Commercial & Residential Cleaning Service Provider 

If you own an office, then it is your responsibility to keep the office premises neat and tidy. It is not easy to clean a commercial space all by yourself because it is much different from cleaning a house. If you have made up your mind to appoint professional cleaners, then searching for commercial office cleaning servicesis a good idea. If proper need is given to the health and hygiene of an office, then it will show up in the balance sheet. It is rightly said that if the mind and body are fit, then one can do well in his/her workplace.

An office is a place where one spends a good amount of time of the day there. It is a time when everybody is a bit reluctant to step out of the house, but when everything becomes normal then, the office crowd will be back in the office. Each and every office owner must be vigilant about the cleanliness of the office because nobody wants their employees to get ill every other day. One should be on the move and not take the hygiene prospect lightly.

The Right Choice

Office cleaning services are essential for each and every office owner. If you are searching for a competent cleaning service, then Diversified Cleaning Services, LLC is the right choice for covering all the office cleaning needs. We at Diversified Cleaning Services, LLC are experts in both residential and commercial cleaning services. With a team of expert cleaners, it is surely a cakewalk for us. If you want top-notch cleaning and looking for that 5 star experience for your premises, then give us a call at 240-498-2259 or reach us via mail. You will surely not regret your decision and will do this on a repeated basis.


Offices / Buildings 1,000 to 5,000 Square Feet

Main Entry/Lobby

Clean lobby & corridor interior glass partitions

Damp clean reception work areas

Dust & wipe clean lobby furniture

Dust & damp mop hard surface flooring

Vacuum carpeting & floor mates

Empty trash receptacles & replace liners 

Replenish hand sanitizer


Office/Tenant/Conference Areas

Spot clean all glass partitions

Dust & wipe clean all furniture

Dust picture frames, baseboards, chairs, rails etc.

Dust & damp mop hard surfaces

Vacuum carpeting & floor mats


Kitchen/Break Room Areas

Clean & sanitize microwaves

Clean & sanitize sinks/counters

Clean & sanitize all appliances/vending equipment

Clean & sanitize tables, chairs, & cabinet fronts

Sweep & mop floors with germicidal disinfectant


Rest Rooms

Clean & sanitize basins/counter tops

Clean & sanitize all surfaces of toilets/urinals

Spot clean partitions & tiled wall to remove marks/stains

Clean mirrors, light fixtures & other bright finishes

Replenish all paper, soap, deodorants & supplies

Vacuum carpeted areas

Sweep & mop floors with germicidal disinfectant

Remember........... Health is Wealth! Appearance is Everything!!

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